Create a Payment Request

Payment requests are easy to create and make it easy to share with friends and family.

Step 1

Visit and connect to MetaMask. See MetaMask instructions.
This prompt shows only if MetaMask is not installed
Log in to MetaMask

Step 2

When you click Connect Wallet, a pop-up shows up to select the MetaMask account you wish to use. Click Connect to confirm.
Select account
Confirm connecting

Step 3

Select the block chain where you would like to receive your money. Enter the amount, description and token(s) via the user friendly interface.
Select a block chain
Enter the amount and description
Select token(s)

Step 4

If it looks good, confirm and share your payment request with your friend. You can also click the QR to let your friend scan the QR code right away.
Does your friend need instructions on how to pay your request? You can find that here:
For a more in-depth guide, please check out our learning platform: